Monday, March 12, 2012

Food without pink slime

I think a lot of us have been pretty grossed out by that pink slime meat story that hit the media this past week. Interestingly enough, I finally watched Food Inc. two weekends ago and the company that washes meat with ammonia was featured on there; they were just starting up when that documentary was filmed.

Anyway, there are other meat options out there. You don't have to give up meat altogether ;)

Of course, there are good meat options at the local natural food coops, but that can get pricy, and you can always buys direct from a farmer. One great farm within a three-hour drive (so, LOCAL) is Anderson Farm of Arkansaw, Wis. They farm like Polyface Farm in Onmivore's Dilemma/Food, Inc. Sustainable for both grass, animals and people. The slogan of Anderson Farm is "healthy soil, healthy animals, healthy people. Raising it naturally." They sell grass-fed beef, Berkshire pastured pork, and pastured chicken. They sell full, half or quarter cows and pork, and full chickens. Or, buy just the cuts of meat you eat, including: chicken breasts, ground beef $4.95/lb, stew meat $6/lb, kielbasa $5.75-12 oz, hot dogs $5.75-12oz, lunch meat summer sausage 8oz, whole chicken $3.79/lb, chicken cut up $3.99/lb, chicken legs (6 to a pack) $4, ham $6.95/lb, pork chops $6.95/2 per pack, pork bacon $3.95/lb, pork sausage $5.75/12oz, pork ribs $3.95/lb.

You can opt to pick it up direct from the farm, or from one of their many drop-off sites in the Twin Cities.

They include nutritional information on their web site comparing grass-fed beef to grain (ie. corn) fed beef. Read it here:

See more on the web site: or call 715-285-5226.

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