Sunday, September 25, 2011

October's book pic

Becky has chosen "Lit" by Mary Karr for our October 2011 book. It's a book she thought was phenomenally well-written with a griping story. One of the best books she's ever read. Now that's a recommendation!

Here's a bit about it from (You can also listen to her speak about the book at this web site):

When it comes to writing about the pain of growing up, author Mary Karr isn't one to hold back. Her new memoir, Lit, describes Karr's early years as a writer, wife and mother, years that were marked by drug use, drinking and the dissolution of her marriage.
Burrowing into painful family stories has long been a Karr trademark. Her first book, The Liar's Club, focused on her volatile relationship with her mother, who had a psychotic break while Karr was a child. Her followup, Cherry, mapped the author's rebellion and coming of age.
Karr's new book, which follows Cherry by nine years, recounts her own descent into alcohol abuse through more family trauma and eventually her unlikely — as she describes it — conversion to Catholicism. Along the way, she grapples with her place in a lineage that she sometimes feels was preordained for disaster.

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